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Yes, Please


Yes, Please gives children the opportunity to practice saying, "Yes", "Please", "Thank you", and "You're
Welcome". It teaches them when to use the words, and how they can benefit from using them. You can help children
build social skills as well as vocabulary by encouraging them to use these words in everyday settings.
For a printable version of the lyrics click here

Say yes if you're happy as can be - say yes!
Say yes if you wanna play with me - say yes!
Say yes if you like the sun to shine - say yes!
Say yes if you wanna be a friend of mine. Say yes!

Yes is a handy word to know. You use it to say you agree it's so
Say yes - but don't you go. I've go another word you probably know

Say please - It's easy to say.
Say please
Say please to ask for something in a nice way - say please

Say please - when you want to drink
And you need a little help reaching the sink
Say please

Please is a really good word to use.
Use it when you want your mom to put on your shoes
Say please.
Now here's something new. I've got another word especially for you

Thank you is what you say when you've been at a friend's house to play
Say thank you

Say thank you when they share with you. It's a way to let them know you like them too
Say thank you

Thank you is a word that's really nice to use when your daddy brings home a surprise
Say thank you.
Let's try one more. I would guess you probably heard this before

You're welcome is what you say when somebody thanks you for a nice day
Say you're welcome
Say you're welcome when you're telling a friend you were glad to do something for him
Say you're welcome

These are words that are so nice to use when you want to be polite
These are the words that everyone likes. Yes, please, thank you, you're welcome's all right.

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