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The Zoo Song


Children love animals, but seldom get to hear real animal sounds.  The Zoo Song   is about going to the zoo to
visit some animal friends. As the children are introduced to animals they hear them "say hello." It's a delightful
song, and challenges children to listen carefully for each animal sound and remember its name. Use this
song in many ways: have the imitate the actions and sounds of the animals; place pictures in front of the
children and have them point to each animal; have them draw their own zoo animal friends; or prepare them for
a trip to the real zoo. For a printable version of the lyrics click here

We're going to the zoo. You can come along too.
Ev'ry Saturday we go the zoo. It's our favorite thing to do.
With our family, my brother and me
Go visit our friends at the zoo. We'll introduce them to you.

Giraffes and kangaroos, bears and lions too, all live in our zoo.
They will welcome you with a how do you do to you.

Who's that over there? Swingin' through the air
Makin' silly sounds and jumping around? Can you-oo guess who?
The monkey says hi to you.

What do I hear now? Such a scary growl.
It's a big cat with stripes down his back. Can you guess who?
The tiger says hello too.

What do I see lookin' down at me with a long stretched out neck?
He's a giraffe and he's the tallest I've ever met.

What have I found? The biggest animal around.
With great big ears and a great big trunk he can make a trumpet sound?
The elephant says "How do you do?"

Fuzzy bears with their paws in the air catching food.
Seals all honkin'; swimming and flapping their fins in the pool.

How the time does fly. We've got to say good-bye.
The zoo is a great place to be. There's so much to see.
I'm glad that we came to the zoo.

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