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Sad, Mad, Glad


Sad, Mad, Glad is a more challenging song, both in the vocabulary and in the gross motor movements
which children are asked to perform. The song begins with everyone marching in a parade, and then asks
children to jump like a monkey, crawl like a turtle, fly like a bird, and hop like a bunny. Children have
a wonderful time acting out all these movements, especially if the adults will forget their inhibitions and
show them how it's done. Show the children pictures of the animals they are imitating.
For a printable version of the lyrics click here

I was walking along feeling kind of blue
I sang a sad song won't you walk sad too
I'm sad, I'm blue, are you sad too

Hang down your head drag your feet
Moving sad to that walking beat
I'm sad, I'm blue, are you sad too?
Walk along to the sad walking blues

As I was walking along singing my sad walking song
I slipped in a puddle and got covered with mud
Well that made me mad
I'm mad it's true are you mad too?
Make an angry face and stomp up and down
And shake your fists all around
I'm mad, it's true are you mad too?
Well follow on to this mad stomping song

As I was stomping along singing my mad stomping song
My friend came outdoors and said:
"Well don't be mad anymore"
That's no way to spend a sunny day
Let's go play in the park today

Oh won't you skip along to this sly skipping song
Put a smile on your face 'cause it's a beautiful day
I'm glad, it's true are you glad too?

Fingers snapping the hands are clapping
Skipping all around to the happy sounds
Feet are moving feet are grooving
Skipping all around to the snappy sound
Well don't be sad, and don't be mad
Be glad

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