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I Like Sunny Days


I Like Sunny Days encourages children to think positively about their world by reminding them of the
many objects, activities, and people that they like. The light, cheerful tune and words put the childres in a
happy mood and create good feeling between everyone listening. You can build on this song on our own by singing
verses with the children and having them fill in the names of some of their favorite things after the words, I Like
For a printable version of the lyrics click here

I like sunny days, days when I can go out to play
To ride my bike, or fly a kite, to be outside is what I like
I like lots of toys, especially toys that make a lot of noise
These are the things I like the best, the things that make me happiest

Camping trips, rocket ships, cookies made with chocolate chips
Fire trucks, rubber ducks, all the things I like so much
What do you like best of all? Reading books, or playing ball?
I would like to hear from you. Name a favorite thing or two


I like fairy tales, and puppy dogs with wagging tails
I like going to the children's zoo. How 'bout you?
I like birthday cakes, especially ones that my Grandma bakes
These are things I like the best, the things that make me happiest

I like my daddy and you can see that he likes me
I like my mommy, I like everyone in my family
With all the things I like, I think that I just might be happy
For the rest of my life

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