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Alphabet Song
ABC Song
Alphabet Rap
We Can Count to 100
Let's Count to 30
Animal Parade
I Like Sunny Days
The Zoo Song
Do you know what I can do?
Ridin' on my horse
I Like You
Say Hi
Yes, Please
Circle Dance
Animal Farm Song
Feelin' Funny
Ball Game
Everybody Walk
Circles Go Round
Rhythm Everywhere
We're the Same Inside
What's your Name?
Sad, Mad, Glad
Musicland March
Getting Bigger Every Day
The Name of the Game
Mother Goose Rap


The ABC Song


The ABC Song gives children a chance to practise their letter names and letter sounds.
Download the available letter wall cards, flashcards or poster and follow along as
you sing the song.
For a printable version of the lyrics click here

A is for apple a a    B is for ball b b

C is for car c c    D is for dog d d

E for elephant ee    F for fish f f

G for goat g g    H for house h h

I is for igloo i i    J is for jam j j

K is for kite k k    L is for leaf l l

M for monkey m m    N for nest n n

O for octopus o o    P for pig p p

Q is for quilt q q    R is for rabbit r r

S is for sun s s    T is for turtle t t

U for umbrella u u    V violin v v

W window w w    X for x-ray x x

Y is for yoyo y y    Z is for zebra z z

We're singing our alphabet from A to Z yeah

We're singing our alphabet from A to Z yeah

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