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Music and the Brain: Music, Literacy, and Numeracy

Current brain research is helping us understand how children learn. Neuroscience has allowed us to see the effect of music on the brain. Learn how singing a lyric promotes phonological awareness and playing rhythms strengthens math concepts.

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The Musical Intelligences: From Piaget to Gardner

Explore music as a cognitive tool for developing literacy and numeracy and a social-emotional activity for promoting health, self esteem, and character Examine the potential of music in the development of hearts, hands, and heads of young children.

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Soundpiper offers workshops for music, literacy, and numeracy, as well as teaching with technology. Music workshops focus on hands-on activities for using music in the classroom, even for teachers and parents who have no musical background. Research is currently being conducted on the impact of music on learning. Carla Piper is the author and instructor of online and independent study courses offered through Chapman University in the areas of teaching with technology and music in the classroom. Many of these resources are being used by students and teachers enrolled in credential programs and earning professional development units.

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