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ABCs and 123s, Sesame Street videos

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The songs and raps on the ABCs and 123s were originally designed by Carla Piper and Janne Bradshaw to be used as parent/child homework for a charater education program. Each kindergarten child received a free audio CD and letter and number grids for practicing letter names and letter sounds, singing the alphabet, counting to 30, and counting to 100. These activities were intended to promote parent involvement in helping children learn their ABCs and numbers. Downloads for grids, flashcards, wall cards, are videos are freely available to anyone who is working with children on letter/sound recognition and counting skills.
These two 1970s Sesame Street videos have been posted by another YouTube member, but we at Soundpiper thought you might enjoy clicking on these nostalgic children's television classics. The music both was composed by Carla Piper for the Children's Television Workshop. She not only played most of the instruments, but also sang the alphabet lyric on the "Fairy Alphabet." She wrote the sound tracks using Renaissance and Baroque musical styles and featuring the instruments of the periods: lute, recorders, krumhorns, sackbutt, harpsichord, viola da gamba, and voice.

The Elements of Music
Musical activities are also provided as videos, animations, and downloadable presentations. Children can listen to rhythms and play their own echoes on drums and rhythm instruments. They can play melodies and scales on a color-coded online interactive piano keyboard. Or, children can play songs using colored bells as a means of learning the basics of music notation. Solfege singing echoes can be used to learn how to match pitches and use the Kodaly hand signals. More advanced music theory presentations can be enjoyed online or downloaded for free. These downloads can be useful for parents and teachers who want to share music, literacy, and numeracy in the home or classroom.

Classroom Music Resources

The Soundpiper website features online activities that children can use to develop their musical skills, as well as make connections between music, literacy, and numeracy. Children can learn through interactive animations, presentations, and video segments. Children can practice their letter names and letter sounds as they sing the alphabet along with the videos. They can count to 30 and count to 100 as the numbers appear on the screen. The alphabet and counting videos from the ABCs and 123s CD are available through YouTube, A fan of old Sesame Street segments posted the "Fairy Alphabet" and "Simple Simon" videos to YouTube. The soundtracks for these Sesame Street cartoons, now are considered children's classics, feature original music written by Carla Piper.

Music Theory

Visual and Performing Arts Standards

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