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Songs for Language Development: Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence Domain

Click on a song title to hear an audio file and locate a printable lyric song sheet and lesson plan.

Songs for Emotional Development and Self Esteem: Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligence Domains

Songs for Understanding Concepts: Mathematical/Logical Intelligence Domain

Songs for Gross and Fine Motor Skills: Body/Kinesthetic Intelligence Domain

Soundpiper Musics children's songs provide engaging, instructional activities for young children from preschool through primary grades. The musical arrangements expose children to a variety of musical styles - from Renaissance to Rock and Roll. The orchestrations are unique, exposing children to a diverse collection of instrumental sounds performed by professional recording musicians. Some of the songs are arranged as sing-a-long songs, some are intended for quiet listening, some for rainy day kinesthetic activity, some for social development and sensitivity, and some for self-reflection and developing a positive self image. The lesson plans include information on musical styles and instrumentation, as well as ideas for musical, cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Listen to Soundpiper real audio music files and download lyrics and lesson plans for your classroom use by clicking on the links.

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