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Say Hi gives children an opportunity to practice saying "Hi" and "Bye". To get the most fun and the most learning out of the song, be prepared to prompt children with words and gestures. Add to the activity by having each child say "Hi" and "Bye" to several different children or adults, and by having children act out the words of the song by approaching and departing as they participate.

Say hi, Say hi
Say hi when you meet somebody on the street
Say hi when you see someone you want to greet

Say hi, Say hi
Say hi when you see somebody smile at you
Say hi and don't forget to smile too
Say hi, Say hi

It's really nice to say hi to a friend, but when your visit comes to and end
When you have to go away
Do you know what you need to say?

Say bye, Say bye
Say bye when you're going outside to play
Say bye when you're leaving for the day

Say bye, Say bye
Say bye when you're letting everybody know
It's time to be leaving, it's time to go

Say bye, Say bye
Say bye when you leave someone you're going to miss
Say bye and wave your hand like this
Say bye, Say bye

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