Browsing and Uploading Artifacts

ClipBoard is a web-based portfolio. This means that your files should be compatible with web browsers. If you upload a Word document, the viewer must have Word on his/her computer. When the file title is clicked, a pop-up box gives the viewer an option for open or save. When possible, you might save word processed documents as Adobe Acrobat Reader files since those are readable in a browser. Web graphic files must have an extension of either gif or jpg (jpeg). Other graphics formats are not readable on the web. Your digital camera or scanner will often default to a different file type. You will need a Photo Editor in order to convert non-compatible graphics into gif or jpg format. Scanners and digital cameras often do not always default to gif or jpg file types. You will have to open the photos in your editor, resize and/or crop the photo, and save for the web.


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