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A. Making Subject Matter Comprehensible To Students
What specific pedagogical skills did the teacher demonstrate that were particularly effective for subject matter instruction?        
B. Assessing Student Learning
How was student learning monitored throughout the learning process?  
What assessments were used and how were they interpreted?
C. Engaging And Supporting Students In Learning
In what ways did the teacher make the  content accessible for all students?  
How did the teacher engage and motivate the students to learn?  
Were the teaching practices developmentally appropriate?  In what ways?
What strategies did the teacher demonstrate for teaching English learners?
D. Planning Instruction And Designing Learning Experiences For Students
How did the teacher demonstrate  understanding of individual student needs?  
Was the instruction well-planned and in what ways?
E. Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
What strategies were effective in maximizing on-task academically engaged instructional time?  
How did the teacher maintain a positive social environment?