1. Describe the problems encountered during the initial design phase and explain other adjustments, technical and instructional, that had to be made in the format of the portfolio template in order to meet the needs of the course. What changes did you make in the portfolio process between the spring and fall semesters?
  2. Why did you want your students to participate in this electronic portfolio process? What do you see as the benefits of using electronic portfolios with your teacher training classes? What are the disadvantages? What are the major challenges in making electronic portfolios a part of your teaching?
  3. What technical preparation do you think students would benefit from before entering into this portfolio process? What technical skills did you feel students developed as a result of this process?
  4. In what ways did you see evidence of students' meeting course objectives within the electronic portfolio? In what ways did you see evidence that would indicate that students were reflecting on their learning?
  5. Describe any exemplary electronic portfolios? In your opinion, what distinguishes an excellent product from an adequate product? What do you think kept some students from developing strong portfolios?
  6. What part did your evaluation of the electronic portfolios play in your grading or assessment of the student as a future teacher?
  7. Any additional comments, anecdotes, recommendations?

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