1. Could you briefly describe the process you used to put your electronic portfolio together? (What computer software and hardware did you use?)

2. What types of evidence did you choose to place in your portfolio? How did you select your evidence?

3. What methods did you use to get your evidence into the computer? (typed, scanned, cut and paste?)

4. What did you see as the purpose of your electronic portfolio?

5. In what ways did you feel you were able to adequately provide evidence of meeting course objectives?

6. In what ways did you feel you were unable to provide adequate evidence of your achievement of course objectives?

7. What part of the portfolio process was the most time consuming? How much time did it take for you to complete the portfolio?

8. How did you make use of the additional resources included in the electronic packet during the course of the semester?

9. Did you develop any new skills as a result of portfolio preparation?

10. What kinds of support did you feel you needed in order to complete the portfolio?

11. What were the problems you encountered in putting your portfolio together?

12. What were the most enjoyable parts of preparing your electronic portfolio?

13. If you were to give advice to a student just beginning a class in which he/she was to prepare an electronic portfolio, what would it be?

14. If you were asked to prepare an electronic portfolio for your student teaching experience, what would you improve upon? What changes would you make in the process? What software would you use? HTML, Hyperstudio, or other?

15. If you have done a traditional paper portfolio, how does the process of creating paper portfolios differ from that of electronic portfolios? How would you compare the final portfolio products? Do you see one having advantages over the other?

16. In what ways did the electronic portfolio process allow you to engage in self-reflection and self-assessment?

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