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Lorraine and JudyEarly Childhood Education at Shasta College
The Early Childhood Education Program prepares students to become teachers and directors in programs providing care and learning opportunities for young children. The college courses focus on training for careers in preschools, Head Start, childcare, infant-toddler and school age care, and family childcare. Programs for young children require different qualifications for teachers and child care providers. The A.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education at Shasta College meets course work qualifications for the Child Development Teacher Permit Level and Title 22 staff qualifications for a teacher and director. Additional specified experience with children is required. Instructors are Lorraine Haas and Judy Quine. Courses Developed for Online Instruction under the CAL-NET grant are listed below.

ECE4: Introduction to Early Childhood Education

webct Introduction to Early Childhood Education provides the student with a basic orientation to careers related to working with young children. The course will offer an overview of child care settings, characteristics of effective child care providers and teachers, ethical issues and standards of this field, and training and employment opportunities

ECE20: Early Childhood Curriculum: Introduction to Curriculum

ECE20 introduces the student to developmentally based curriculum for young children in early care and learning settings. The course includes a rationale for organizing and implementing daily, monthly, and long-range activity planning. Students will acquire an understanding of the philosophies and strategies for developing and documenting integrated curricula for early childhood programs.

ECE3: Early Childhood Program Administration

Cindy  Early Childhood Program Administration identifies and assesses the principles and  practices of early childhood program planning and administration. Course content will focus  on  overall procedures for various programs providing care and learning for children. The  topics  include: regulatory agencies, licensing and compliance with local and state  requirements,  funding and budgeting, staff selection and scheduling, and enrollment and  operational policies  and reports.

ECE51: Early Childhood Staffing and Management

ECE51 ECE51 offers the early childhood educator extended administrative and operational resources in preschool, child care, and child development center management. Specific attention will be given to supervisory skills, staff interrelationships, legislative and funding updates.