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AnnetteEarly Childhood Education

The CAL-NET professional development specialists (PDS) were trained by CIRCLE as trainers of trainers, enabling them to provide professional development in early literacy and language development for their county early childhood educators. In addition, The PDS's received training in E-CIRCLE, learning to use the Teachscape online professional development system for delivering CIRCLE literacy content across the nine counties of Northern California Region Two. As teacher/facilitators for E-CIRCLE, the PDS have been able to provide preschool teachers and childcare specialists literacy training. They have the opportunity to earn course credits through the University of the Pacific and College of the Siskiyous.

Annette Logsdon is the Teachscape consultant for E-CIRCLE.


Teachscape is working with Dr. Susan Landry and The Center for Improving the Readiness of Children for Learning and Education (CIRCLE) in the Department of Pediatrics at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to develop online courses supporting the professional development of teachers of early literacy and language development in pre-school and Head Start. One of the center's overall goals is to improve teacher professional development in the area of early child development, including pre-literacy, social/behavioral competence, and parent involvement. The center currently runs a major new initiative to enhance the quality of pre-school education in the state of Texas.

AnnetteDr. Landry is a Developmental Psychologist and the Michael Matthew Knight Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. She is also the Chief of the Division of Developmental Pediatrics and the director of CIRCLE.


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CIRCLE - Trainer of Trainers Workshop

Circle Training
 CIRCLE offers face to face training by certified trainers. The training is based  on the most recent scientific research and meets the needs of adult learners.  These sessions are interactive and provide fun hands on activities. Upon  return  to classrooms, participants have a deeper understanding of early  literacy  development and a wealth of ideas for implementation.