Creating a Slideshow Showcase

A slideshow showcase is a collection of digital photographs organized around a theme. The slideshow is appropriate for a learning history because you can show photos in sequence and include a description or observational record in the textbox.. You can select one photo at a time or click on each photo you want to include in your slideshow sequence. Once again, it is important to give the showcase a title. You will have better luck with the slide show if your photos are all a similar size. See directions under adding artifacts on file size. You may wish to organize your slideshow around a learning standard, a particular book or lesson, team or parent meetings, learning history, etc. Make your showcase by selecting "create." Your showcase will then show up in the showcase list. You can delete, edit, or add exhibit for public viewing. Use the submit button to finalize your slideshow. You can edit the slideshow by clicking on the edit button next to that showcase on the showcase list.


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